This term is most commonly used to describe what sometimes happens with your partner when you are attempting to make naked activities begin to occur. They will put some music on a stereo or "hi fi" (Internet kiddie term), or perhaps music has been on, and a favorite number is played on the stereo or hi-fi. That would be a "high fidelity" type system. Ask at your local stereo store. More information is available there to you. Go outside once and a while. Go to a lending library or post office. Go to a stereo store and ask about acquiring a high fidelity system today.

Once the favored number comes on, this partner, or future partner begins to move about to the music in some way. At first this may be amusing and a quality send up to the golden age of MTV and other music video channels, many of which were local in the mid-1980s before big pharma stepped in and the whole sand castle collapsed on itself like socialism. I digress.

The movement may go on for longer than is a source of amusement or good times. The movements may become more intense or "herky jerky" in nature. You begin to notice the individual is not laughing or doing this in a way that shows they are self aware and are just being funny. They are serious in these gyrations and movements. They think, like a chimpanzee that this will lure you into their bed. They are wrong. At this point you are 92% likely to have already made up your mind about this. If anything, this hideous musical dance will only lessen the chances. This tool is only positively used if you are seeking to repel an unwanted mate. In this case, maximize herky jerky nature of movements and try to knock things over while acting like you are not doing it on purpose. Show them they would likely be injured in some way if they had intercourse with you because of the herky jerky movements you make when excited.

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