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I am an old codger (not that old really but probably by your standards) from Baltimore who likes the world of sales and marketing and I've been involved with a company called Civil War Action Figures, Ltd. for many years. We only ask for an initial individual investment of $70,000 for an individual and $140,000 from a family. This money should be sent to our offshore bank account in the personage of an uncancellable check. We will then give you a name of a Civil War Action Figure person who we will consider putting into production although we are factoryless right now and if we ever go into production of that figure, you will receive a return of investment of $0.09 to $0.17 per day. Yes, those figures are PER DAY.

I also like Lite beer from Miller. Things I really like: A good book, cats, mackerel, cognac, drinking wine by candlelight with a lady, stimulating conversation, helping people and making my sales quotas. Things I really don't like: Pushy people, unkind people, the guy on the corner who tried to sell me marijuana (I have inhaled in the past unlike some people) and when they try to hide the bad spots on fruit at the grocery. I am divorced, have no kids and date from time to time but haven't been in a long term relationship since my marriage ended. I like computers and took some courses to try to get into internet based sales but fear the bottom has dropped out of the market. I have a maternal nature but I am very much a man.

My friends call me Behr

New friends have been helpful for me to learn more about using the Everything2 website. I know I am not the best writer who comes here but I think that because my interests are different than most of what the others here are interested in I can contribute information about differe things. I am going to read more about HTML tags and learn how to use subtitles on my stuff like in the newspaper. This I hope will make me improve my writing of things and how it looks. People here now seem to be more helpful than they were when I first came or I have improved a lot with time. When I was first here a lot of people send me messages saying that what I was writing was crappy and that they were going to make me leave so I left but I like it better now. Thank you to the people of Everything2 for being so nice especially because my life is upside down and I'm alone and don't get out much anymore because of my back problems.

Mostly I am reserving my thoughts to the daylog experience here at E2. I am close personal friends with some of the high ranking people here and they have advised me of such since I left for a while after doing some fact writeups and then claimed not to exist and then realized I do. I work currently as an unqualified remedial science teachers and somewhat unqualified substitute gym teacher in addition to Civil War Action Figures, Ltd. which has not been drawing the investment dollars it did before those plane crashes that upset a lot of people and so I had to augment my income on advice from my friend Joe the Financial Advisor. I also have a side project with the Coca Cola Company, where I send them much correspondance regarding enhancing their product line in order to make Coca Cola the most popular soft drink in the world. This involves simple steps, first of which is to bring back New Coke and put it on the shelf exactly right next to Classic Coke so that informed decisions can be made and sampling can be done. For a period of six to ten weeks this promotion could involve free Dixie cups of each drink served by a absolutely gorgeous woman with a nice rack and excellent gams wearing an outfit with a tight t-shirt, tight little shorts and shiny nylons, similar to the Hooters outfit but with red substituted for the orange, keeping with Coca Cola colors with which I am familiar. At the end of this six to ten week period I can predict Coca Cola will become the most popular soft drink in the world and America will regain all respect lost due to liberals annoying foreign types abroad.

Things I am working on (a list to mostly remind myself):
Buck Privates
Lou Costello
Baltimore Colts