The noders are at table, we shall list them clockwise:

juliet, akasha, and factgirl sit on a bench, in what has been dubbed "the smoking section" even though facty tells us "[her husband] will smell the smoke on [her] hair and think [she] was out drinking". Next to the bench, nate sits in a plastic stacking lawn chair. RabidMonkey, our host, and m_turner sit at the short end of the table. I sit on the corner next to m_turner and bindlenix is on my left. To her left is Ereneta. On his left is plonk_plonk, which brings us around the other short end with LostandFound and juliet’s non-noding friend. The circle is complete.

Sometime just after our toast to the majority, rischi arrived. Many of us had previously met him at the August Bowling Meet. The girls on the bench squeezed together and found nate some space there. rischi took the vacated seat, and then introduced himself to those on his either side:

Hi, I’m rischi.
Nice to meet you, I’m Mike, RabidMonkey on E2.
They shake hands.
rischi. He offers a hand.
Ah, but what is your username?
I’m nate.
Really? THE nate? Here’s a camera.
(rischi hands me factgirl’s digital camera) Would you take a picture of me with nate?