WHAT: A gathering in honour of the fallen, both friends and strangers. Enjoy friendly companionship, good food, and well-played Celtic music.
WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 13 at 8:00pm PDT
The King's Head in Campbell, CA.(www.thekingshead.com)
201 Orchard City Dr.
Campbell, CA 95008
+01 408 871 2499
(Hint: Check Yahoo for maps/driving directions, and look for the water tower)
WHO: Anyone! Everyone! Those specifically being invited are those in The Everything People Registry : United States : California, The NoCal Super Layoff Unemployment Collecting BBQ Moonlit Bowling Noder Meet, bay area noders gathering, Bay/Oakland Noders Gathering, and anyone in #everything who is willing to make the trip.

Confirmed attending:

Expressed Interest:

  • SEF
  • DrSeudo (Will attend if he can get a ride)
  • azzer (Will also try to be there)

Aftermath: In addition to those listed above, Ouroboros and a soon-to-be-noder friend of Juliet's attended as well! We had a great time - talking, joking, drinking. For myself, it was nice to finally put faces to all these people I've met here. Extra bonus points to factgirl for her wonderful noder-leading capabilities! I wish that everyone had been able to stay a bit longer, though - I was there at midnight enjoying a scotch when the band inside began playing The Star Spangled Banner, and everyone began to sing. Though this has been a week of tragedy, it's heartening to know that we're all standing together.

So I offer a ride to any denizens of Berkeley or Oakland who need a ride. DrSeudo is interested, but has to cancel, but Bindlenix contacts me to say that she and Ouroboros will take me up on the offer. And whaddya know, turns out Ouroboros only lives five blocks from my house. So we head south to the meet, pondering the marvels of the human voice and Tuvan throat singing.


Juliet and friend have a glass by the time we arrive, and Plonk is holding a bottle. Plonk, Factgirl, Akasha, RabidMonkey, Ouroborus, Bindlenix, and I order drinks when we sit at the table. And Juliet and friend order two more drinks apiece, as their glasses are empty. Plonk isn't drinking out of a glass, and he insists he's only on his second one. Drinks arrive, but then so do Nate and M_turner, without glasses. I mean, M_turner is wearing glasses, but no one suggests he raises them to the fallen. More ordering. By this time Juliet and friend have finished their two drinks, and order two more. Plonk orders his fourth, and when the drink orders arrive, but we can't lift a glass yet, as RabidMonkey and Akasha are empty. They order. LostandFound arrives, Juliet gets her friend to order six more, as it's not becoming for a lady --excuse me, an old lady, as Juliet is trying to forget she just had a birthday, and when she reveals exactly how old she is, factgirl and I roll our eyes and start in on our "When I was your age..." monologues. (Twentysomethings. Sheesh.) --unbecoming to order so many. Akasha, without a fake ID, and tired of pounding down the milk, growls at Juliet. LostandFound's drink arrives, but then Nate's cell phone rings. He has to take it-- it's his girlfriend. Or Lawnjart. It's hazy at this point, because Akasha has starting speaking in beeps, RabidMonkey is explaining how his current and my former employer are bringing porn to the masses, and more to the point, Plonk, on my immediate left, is insisting he's still on his second, is slurring his words and trying to convince me that the six cider bottles in front of him aren't his and why, just because he lives in Livermore, doesn't mean his cattle are radioactive from living next to a nuclear weapons lab...

The tab came to just over $290, including dinner, a 22% gratuity included on the food, and the $115 bar tab (gratuity not included) for three pear ciders, three black and tans, 1 Guiness, 2 Fuller's, 1 coke, Patron tequila (oops, must've left my ID at home, make that a milk. Two milks), 1 margarita, whatever LostandFound was drinking, a coffee for factgirl's long drive home, and about five "fruity girl drinks" with Midori, and 1 vodka martini which no one would drink (it made its way all around the table).

The noders are at table, we shall list them clockwise:

juliet, akasha, and factgirl sit on a bench, in what has been dubbed "the smoking section" even though facty tells us "[her husband] will smell the smoke on [her] hair and think [she] was out drinking". Next to the bench, nate sits in a plastic stacking lawn chair. RabidMonkey, our host, and m_turner sit at the short end of the table. I sit on the corner next to m_turner and bindlenix is on my left. To her left is Ereneta. On his left is plonk_plonk, which brings us around the other short end with LostandFound and juliet’s non-noding friend. The circle is complete.

Sometime just after our toast to the majority, rischi arrived. Many of us had previously met him at the August Bowling Meet. The girls on the bench squeezed together and found nate some space there. rischi took the vacated seat, and then introduced himself to those on his either side:

Hi, I’m rischi.
Nice to meet you, I’m Mike, RabidMonkey on E2.
They shake hands.
rischi. He offers a hand.
Ah, but what is your username?
I’m nate.
Really? THE nate? Here’s a camera.
(rischi hands me factgirl’s digital camera) Would you take a picture of me with nate?
I was informed of a Bay Area noder shindig by Miss akasha, and decided to go.. I was a bit neurotic about going because I haven't been very active on e2, and wasn't sure how many people I'd be familiar with.

akasha met me earlier in the day, and sat on irc while I primped.. shower, make-up, shoe changes, etc.. by the time I finished my friend Jason got home.. (to those old schoolers.. Jason is NeXT.boy, the old inspiration for all of my smooching nodes..) I asked Jason to meet us there.

When akasha and I arrived, the lady at the door wanted to charge us a cover charge, we found that silly. After milling around outside for a bit.. we ran into Rabid Monkey. He ran in and got me a drink, because I didn't know what was up with the cover charge.

After a little factgirl, Jason, bindlenix, Ereneta, ouroborus, plonk_plonk showed up.. by this time I am on drink 2.. We realize that they aren't going to be able to seat us inside, and so we wind up outside on the side patio.. Fine with me.. not being able to smoke inside kind of sucks.

After we were seated.. Nate showed up.. I think factgirl and I were the only ones who had met him before.. so we were probably easy to spot..

After we ordered, lost and found, and rischi stumbled in.

I had a hard time that night keeping conversation with the whole table.. I kept mishearing things at the other end.. The conversations that night floated from noding, liquor consumption, recent sad events..

I could keep on with the re-hash of events, but since that's been covered let me just leave you all with my thoughts..


Big meetings where I don't know people anywhere, but online often make me a tad neurotic and nervous.. but after a few minutes I felt very comfortable with everyone.. they were that rad..

factgirl and I need to get together and have coffee

Ereneta should write a guide on good things to do in the Bay Area.. I forgot the Winchester House was here.

akasha is a fellow round-eyed bitch..

Nate is taller than me, even when I am standing on a curb in heels.. and I will fall when hugged -- if I am standing on a curb, in heels, plus some liquor

lost and found and my non-noder friend Jason seemed to get along.. which was cool.. because he didn't talk to very many people that evening..

I need to sit towards the middle of the table next time.. so I can get to know more of the attendees.. unfortunately I gave up after I misheard "tie-dyed dog", when they said "tie-dyed thong".. although I don't know if I was that far off base for going "huh?!" when they said it :)

No one likes martinis made with well vodka.. some will attempt to taste it.. and only Nate has the guts/iron stomach/goofiness/or craves liquor enough to finish it..

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