Everything tastes of licorice.

Especially all the things you’ve waited so long for, like absinthe.

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  • the extent of my psychic powers by Magenta G* T* K* Y*, you ain't got no alibi
  • the extent of my psychic powers by WoodenRobot G* T* K* Y*, you ain't got no alibi
  • my first write-up by Lord Brawl between e2 quick start and for the spunky new user we have enough introductory nodes beyond the FAQs read me first: getting started on E2 and E2 FAQ: Mentoring
  • my experiment in not paying attention to numbers by GreatQuux this was the worst of the WUs in this node
  • Get off my lawn or I will grab that vacuum cleaner on your porch and set you on fire by MacArthur Parker at the noder's request
  • How to hypnotize yourself, dialect, cyan, and amnesiac by quoi? at the noder's request
  • Black-and-Blue Balls, Seagulls (The Macroposopus), body art, necromancy, chlorinalitious, R.H.Bear, Azrael, Sidewalk Sale, and 25 daylogs by CzarKhan at the noder's request, and we had a fine conversation as I did it, too
  • Pretty Girls Make Graves, Ask, Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me, a night like this, a day in the life of a musician, on seeing the 100% most perfect girl one beautiful April morning, duh, no hurthling, Museum of Jurassic Technology, Serra Angel, Invisible Cities, Thekla, Zobeide, gomi day, My Adidas, It's Tricky, dawn card castles, bees in the trees, flights of fancy, 10:15 Saturday Night, a few hours after this, drifting, Holding Out for a Hero by yrs truly in accordance with the new editorial policy
  • Nodens by Alias Mother Jonez superseded
  • several WUs by kthejoker at the noder's request, including  Doing The Standing Still, Nuclear War, What Would The Community Think, Can't Get It Out Of My Head, Honey, I'm A Big Boy Now, Sons Of The Silent Age, Don't Blow Bubbles
  • FFS by Anonymous Sniper three letter acronyms are not WUs
  • Which came first: the chicken or the egg? by wemetintheair short responses to WUs that are C!ed rarely amount to a worthwhile contribution
  • TimTowTdi by TheDawgLives ironically, convention dictates that there is a single correct way to spell it
  • drugs are cool by a new noder a (presumably) accidental blank WU, the new noder was msgd encouragement
  • a nodeseries by a gnome and a snake: Prospero's Books, The Book of Water, The Book of Mirrors, A memoria technica called Architecture and Other Music, An Alphabetical Inventory of the Dead, The Book of Colours, A Harsh Book of Geometry, An Atlas Belonging to Orpheus, Vesalius' Lost "Anatomy of Birth", A Primer of the Small Stars, A Book of Universal Cosmologies, A Book of the Earth, End-Plants, The Book of Love, A Bestiary of Past, Present, and Future Animals, A Book of Utopias, A Book of Travellers Tales, The Love of Ruins, The Autobiographies of Semiramis and Pasiphae, The Ninety-Two Conceits of the Minotaur, A Book of Motion, A Book of Mythologies, A Book of Games, The Book of Languages, A Book of Thirty-Six Plays by William Shakespeare
  • Leather Goddesses of Phobos by Iffy Bonzoolie superseded
  • The worst irish joke ever by Clooneman 2000 the deletion of this joke is dedicated to Waldorf and Statler
  • Rock Island by exceptinsects at the request of the noder
  • Marvel Comics by Jet-Poop ZAP! POW! BOOM!
  • Ooh, Las Vegas by wharfinger unexplicated lyrics
  • Good Cybersex an accidental blank WU by a new noder