The first of the series of questions you are asked in NetHack after your character bites the big one. Typing "y" usually reveals to you that you had an amulet of life saving that you weren't wearing, you had three potions of extra healing, and that mysterious ring you didn't want to put on for fear of cursedness was actually a blessed ring of slow digestion (this last is unbearable if you starved to death).

This is often abbreviated to DYWYPI? and used by Hacks at the end of their YASD anecdote to indicate the point at which they died.

Needless to say, Hacks get real sick of seeing this, because it's almost always because you died. Granted, you are asked this anytime the game is over -- escape (rarely), eternal disgrace, ascension (yeah right), or whatever. The mortality rate for adventurers in the Dungeons of Doom probably approaches 100%, but, alas, no formal studies have ever been conducted.

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