This is still a bit fuzzy, but shit, aren't they all?

I'm apparently involved in some kind of race. I'm not sure why. I did pick up "The Long Walk" and Barnes And Noble yesterday, so maybe the thought of that entered my mind. Anyway, I'm riding a mountain bike around a crowded office building - not so much crowded by people, although there are some scattered around, but mostly by boxes and file cabinets and the like. It's definitely difficult to maneuver around. I pedal around a corner, and I see the commissioner from the Babe Ruth League in which I coach. Normally, he's a nice guy.

Not this time. He attacks full force, knocking me off my bike into a stack of boxes. I'm not sure if he's just trying to keep me out of the race, or kill me, but it seems pretty serious, so I'm fighting back. Eventually I manage to get me bike back and start to pedal away.

I'm in this part of the office that looks like the office in Disclosure - a balcony on one floor overlooking another floor. I bike down a flight of stairs (which is something I have no chance of doing in real life), and pedal out the door... into the cafeteria of my old high school. I keep pedalling into the courtyard. I assume the commish is following me, but I don't think I ever checked. I see a couple of burnouts from my high school smoking cigarettes. They're still the same age as me, but still in high school. Odd. One of them, Jamie, tells me how much I'm gonna kick ass in this race, but tells me I better get going.

Next thing I know, I'm in a deli. I apparently pedalled or walked or whatever, but now I'm in a deli (that I'm sure I've been in, but can't place), buying a sub and a Gatorade. I'm next in line at the cashier, and of course I'm still suspiciously looking around. I notice that the person behind me is Britney Spears. Not only that, but she apparently realizes that the person in front of her is Orange Julius. I'll be damned if I know why, but then she congratulates me on winning my award. I congratulate her, too, and she says she'll see me tomorrow night. Huh? Are we like a couple, or is that when the awards show is? I'm thinking the latter, but anyway... she's leaving the store now (despite not having paid), and she tells me that I'd better get going, because Al's trying to get me.

On that note, I ask the cashier for another Gatorade, since I won't be able to stop again until the end of the race. He reaches behind him and grabs an orange Gatorade (oh, yeah, apparently all convenience stores in my dreams keep Gatorade behind the counter). I take off and starting riding up a street. It's Moody Street in Waltham Center.

I have no idea why I would be biking up Moody Street in Waltham Center. Waltham Center is one of the most fucked up centers I've ever seen, and I've been there, like, three times. But there I was, biking up the hill (yeah, I got my bike back somehow).

Just as I pass the People's Choice video store, I realize I have to stop there for someone. Unfortunately, before I get in the store, I wake up... 8:30 am, time to get ready for work. Back to reality.

I still have no idea what the race was all about...