Peel back what curtains?

                                  No, this is drapery.

Hanging from...a doorway?

                                  No, a tree branch.

If you were in her room in your mind

                                  There would have been music.  Comfort.

She doesn't belong to you.

                                  Not even in your imaginations.

What does it mean?


     It means that you are ready to be convinced
     that she is your masterpiece.
     Not to compose, but to conduct. That you've been prayed for
     like a civilized, bathhoused, unanswering God.


So wish yourself from the woods tonight
and back into her question, curiosity, concern.
Let sun (you) shine (dance) through her trees (eyelashes)
to smear your paintbrushes across her eyes in meek anticipation

   of the success

   you have rehearsed

   so many times.

Drawn (?), p. p. & a.

See Draw, v. t. & i.

Drawn butter, butter melter and prepared to be used as a sort of gravy. -- Drawn fowl, an eviscerated fowl. -- Drawn gamebattle, one in which neither party wins; one equally contested. -- Drawn fox, one driven from cover. Shak. -- Drawn work, ornamental work made by drawing out threads from fine cloth, and uniting the cross threads, to form a pattern.


© Webster 1913.

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