Little Gamers is a "generation X" gaming webcomic written and drawn by Christian Fundin. Fundin began the comic with his friend, Pontus Madsen, in December of 2000. The comic sprung up success almost immediately, being featured on large-scale gaming sites in the early months of 2001. Currently, Pontus Madsen has left the comic to pursue other projects, but Christian continues to please his readers with antics.

Christian Fundin's style is very simplistic, but the characters he has created are very accessible due to their clear expressions and familiar features. The characters appear as large-headed easily identifiable, "cute" people, wittily summed up in an early strip as "The bastard children of Hello Kitty and Bomberman". The language used in the dialogue between the characters is also very prosaic, expressing an immediateness that enhances the idea of "real life". In fact, this is clearly a conscious choice, as the characters in the comic are at least in some ways based on the people around Fundin. In many ways this is similar to the genre-defining Penny Arcade, but in Little Gamers the characters all have a strong defining characteristic that, in connection with other characters, produces the comedy.

The themes discussed in the Little Gamers comic revolve around gaming on different current platforms, gaming culture and geek stereotypes. For example, the character of Madsen in the comic has overpowering urges to download all the porn available on the Internet. Females in the comic are quite rarely seen, and are presented as enigmatic and strange creatures, completely incoherent but lovable nonetheless from the main characters' point of view. In many ways, the character of Marcus has the easiest relationship: He dates an inflatable doll.

The language of the comic is very colloquial, laden with expletives and sexual references. This works well, as it is clear from literally the first strip that this is the intention of the writers. Often, the characters will insult each other and even the reader quite heavily, but this is all part of the style of the comic. Often, the characters act as if they indeed are characters in a comic, communicating with the reader.

The comic follows no clear storyline or -arc. Most strips are single episodes. There have been several short "story lines" which have simply been a joke spanning several strips. Recurring themes do occur, though. They often involve either a very long stick or some black-clad cute ninjas. The strips can be outrageously funny, for the target audience, at least.

The comic used to reside on Christian Fundin's workplace server, but due to heavy loads he was forced to move it elsewhere. It can be found easily by pointing your favourite graphics-capable WWW browser to

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