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I have a tiny request to you. Yes, you who downvoted a writeup of mine. As a preventive measure against me making the same mistakes again, do /msg me and tell me what you didn't like about my writeup. I'll fix it, if I can.

Oh, and wait. If you upvote something of mine and have a reason to tell me why, do so. Thanks!

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5 Most Voted-Upon Writeups
1C! April 5, 2002 1
1C! The significance of titles of novels 2
I'm sorry, I don't think we've been properly introduced 3
1C! Mecca Cola 4
1C! Kitchen party (tied) 5
1C! far out (tied) 5

5 Least Voted-Upon Writeups
1 Madventures
2 (tied) Dream Log: October 21, 2002
2 (tied) Sonera
4 (tied) fjortis
4 (tied) Kimi Räikkönen
4 (tied) Overdose

5 Highest Goodness Writeups
1C! Smile (tied) 1
Folkémon (tied) 1
1C! Click Online (tied) 1
Divinorum (tied) 1
1C! Sivuraide (tied) 1
1C! Narina (tied) 1
SetiQueue (tied) 1
Kimi Räikkönen (tied) 1
Overdose (tied) 1
Madventures (tied) 1

5 Lowest Goodness Writeups
1 April 5, 2002 1C!
2 fjortis
3 Dream Log: October 21, 2002
4 Sonera
5 Whoracle

5 Most Reputable Writeups
1C! Mecca Cola 1
1C! The significance of titles of novels 2
I'm sorry, I don't think we've been properly introduced 3
1C! Kitchen party 4
1C! far out (tied) 5
1C! Myyrmanni bombing (tied) 5
1C! Smile (tied) 5

5 Least Reputable Writeups
1 fjortis
2 Dream Log: October 21, 2002
3 Sonera
4 Madventures
5 (tied) At the Gates
5 (tied) Manala
5 (tied) Little Gamers

I do my own version of vote tag. What that means is that I upvote and comment when I vote. If there's something that desperately needs correction, I message the author and come back and vote on it later. So far I've gone through and learned from the nodes of:
Dutchess- Nov 2002
pao- Nov 2002
Bitriot- Nov 2002
L00dd00d- Nov 2002
Bariau- Feb 2003

Stuff to do: Firevision, LAB, Velcra, Arman Alizad, Overdose, Burzum, Bold and the Beautiful, iMuse, Gimmel