Released by Skyclad in 2000 on Nuclear Blast records. The last Skyclad album featuring Martin Walkyier on vocals, Folkémon is full of witty humour, irony and criticism of society.

Martin Walkyier: Vocals
Steve Ramsey: Guitar, backing vocals
Kevin Ridley: Guitar, backing vocals
Graeme English: Bass guitar
Georgie Biddle: Fiddle, backing vocals, keyboards
Jay Graham: Drums, keyboards, hunting horn

Track listing:

Folkémon, as implied by the title of the record, is a collection on witty word-plays, puns and interesting stories coupled with well-orchestrated folk metal that creates a wonderful atmosphere. As the final record of the original lineup of Skyclad, the well-estabilished Newcastle (UK)-based folkmetal band, Folkémon is about as finely tuned as any previous record from this band.

The music is a hard rock/heavy metal hybrid driven forward by folk melodies and aggressive singing that pumps like a well-oiled machine. The heavy guitars compliment light fiddle and keyboard melodies well, and give a good base rhythm for Martin's singing. Where the lyrics may be both light-hearted and serious, the melodies themselves are light and positive throughout the record.

Drawing upon themes in literature, politics and everyday events, Walkyier creates stunningly original, catchy and intelligent lyrics. From criticising English colonial rule in "Think Back and Lie of England" he jumps to describe a sexual encounter between a traveller and a gypsy woman in the aptly titled "Polkageist". Indeed, the musical element of the band is sometimes left in the background as Martin's lyrics take the stage so effectively.

Heavy criticism of modern society is evident in the lyrics of Folkémon. However, ironical humour and even satire ("The Folkémon trainers are:") present Walkyier's personal opinions in an acceptable, intelligent light. These lyrics hold up even after thorough analysis, containing a multitude of puns, humour created with homophones and twisting of common phrases. Though not a riff-based band, Skyclad manage to create extremely catchy, melodic rock with this record that sadly was left as the last with the parting of ways between Martin and the rest of the band in 2001.

Available in CD format and limited-edition digipak, containing a hearty cover-song, "Swords of a Thousand Men."
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