Short Program is a shoujo manga written and drawn by Mitsuru Adachi. Short Program is published by Viz's Animerica Extra. It is composed of one graphic novel that has eight short, love stories. Very nicely done and humourous, that shouldn't turn off any male readers.


  • Change - About a guy after a woman who doesn't seem interested in him, and the kid he uses to find information about her.
  • Take Off - A female high jump athlete seems to always be setting heights of an enormous man from her school, coincidence or..
  • Short Program - The guy in the apartment across the street seems to be nice, but is there more to him than that.
  • What's Going On!? - A detective believes that he has found his true love, but never met her! So, he decides to find the girl and see if she's all that he thinks she is.
  • At the Intersection - Have you ever had that person that you always saw at a certain time, at a certain place. You never talked, but you thought that they were just going there to see you...
  • The Current State of Affairs - At a high school reunion, pasts rise back into place.. loves never forgotten..
  • Plus 1 - Who's the better man, the poor repairman or the wealthy casanova.
  • Purple - Two girl gangs try to get a boy on their side, but he's not interested in either of them.. only with one girl..

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