Actually, I had this dream three or four days ago. However, since I just started noding again after a little mini-break and, I suppose, each day is as good as the next when it comes to dreams, here goes.

Strange that I remembered this dream, as I don't dream, generally.

It was about him again. *sigh* I don't even know what he has that I am so drawn to him that I even dream about him. I'm not in love with him anymore, but I can't seem to stop thinking about him, either.

I hate my mind.

In any case, I digress.

We were at the drive-in movies, sort of (we still have a drive-in theatre where I'm from). However, we weren't in a car, we just sat on the ground on blankets. Rather nice, really ... it would be nice if that was how the drive in really was, as opposed to being chock full of drunk people and 16 year olds having sex.

In any case, he put his arm around me. It was exactly how it used to feel to have his arms around me. Even now, when I think about the dream, the sensation is perfect.

We watched the movie, and somehow found ourselves sitting in a big, round room. His arms were still around me, and he would periodically kiss my cheek or neck, exactly the way he used to. We were at something like a pow-wow, but people were mostly just talking.

And we were in our own world.

I don't know why these dreams come to me. I don't know what's going on with my head. Except ... maybe I saw something in his eyes that makes me remember the relationship, even now.

I don't know if I'll ever get that again.

I had yet another Wheel of Time related dream while taking a nap. I was Rand al'Thor, but he was a horse being ridden by an Aes Sedai through dimly lit, yellow, underground stone hallways. The bit in my mouth was barbed, with spikes and other painful things attached. My mouth was wired shut, I had blinders on. The Aes Sedai had some wicked spurs on her heels, and used them often. I had a red and white blanket on my back, and the the saddle was black. There was an army squeezing through the halls after us, one by one since it was so narrow. I thought dreams weren't supposed to hurt, but I clearly remember being in pain. The hallway kept spiraling farther and farther down into the ground. There was nothing i could do but keep going forward. This went on for hours, or so it seemed. Why am I cursed with nightmares?

- / +

  • Weezer had a concert at my school, and Rivers Cuomo clubbed me with his guitar. I was visualizing this from a different vantage point, the guitar's. I could see myself diving face first into someone's torso and hearing shrills of pain.

  • Then my house was turned into an episode of Full House. Joey was living in our shed and setting up a science fair display with stuffed animals and an old rocket I made for my 5th grade science class. Uncle Jesse gave us rides to school on his motorcycle but made us wear these goofy Beaver Hats like they did in Colonial America. At school, I attended my first class in a nonexistent broom closet (ha, like my school even has room for things like that) with my Driver's Education teacher. My teacher, who in reality smells like freshly-unwrapped bubblegum, disclosed secret information to me about his not-so-distant past. It seems that in his free time, he worked at the Bazooka Joe factory as a comic book artist. One day he added a political cartoon to his piece of gum, and was immediately fired. The political cartoon, this bothers me, was one with two women fighting, one calling the other an obedient slut. Now the thing that bothers me is that this is an actual political cartoon and he was taking credit for it.
  • Cut shot to my English class where I'm talking to Ben. I'm trying to tell him something but I'm speaking some Slovak language that he can't understand. He hands me Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse V, and I vaguely remember asking him why Vonnegut didn't write the first four Slaughterhouse books first. He understood this, and we both laughed until the bell rang an hour and a half later. Damn, I'm a good comedian.

  • All I remember of my dream was a name.

    I'd been watching Pee-Wee's Big Adventure on DVD last night, with Professor Toru Tanaka in a minor role as a butler.

    I think that's why, in my dream, I met someone named Tony Tanakh.

    This is still a bit fuzzy, but shit, aren't they all?

    I'm apparently involved in some kind of race. I'm not sure why. I did pick up "The Long Walk" and Barnes And Noble yesterday, so maybe the thought of that entered my mind. Anyway, I'm riding a mountain bike around a crowded office building - not so much crowded by people, although there are some scattered around, but mostly by boxes and file cabinets and the like. It's definitely difficult to maneuver around. I pedal around a corner, and I see the commissioner from the Babe Ruth League in which I coach. Normally, he's a nice guy.

    Not this time. He attacks full force, knocking me off my bike into a stack of boxes. I'm not sure if he's just trying to keep me out of the race, or kill me, but it seems pretty serious, so I'm fighting back. Eventually I manage to get me bike back and start to pedal away.

    I'm in this part of the office that looks like the office in Disclosure - a balcony on one floor overlooking another floor. I bike down a flight of stairs (which is something I have no chance of doing in real life), and pedal out the door... into the cafeteria of my old high school. I keep pedalling into the courtyard. I assume the commish is following me, but I don't think I ever checked. I see a couple of burnouts from my high school smoking cigarettes. They're still the same age as me, but still in high school. Odd. One of them, Jamie, tells me how much I'm gonna kick ass in this race, but tells me I better get going.

    Next thing I know, I'm in a deli. I apparently pedalled or walked or whatever, but now I'm in a deli (that I'm sure I've been in, but can't place), buying a sub and a Gatorade. I'm next in line at the cashier, and of course I'm still suspiciously looking around. I notice that the person behind me is Britney Spears. Not only that, but she apparently realizes that the person in front of her is Orange Julius. I'll be damned if I know why, but then she congratulates me on winning my award. I congratulate her, too, and she says she'll see me tomorrow night. Huh? Are we like a couple, or is that when the awards show is? I'm thinking the latter, but anyway... she's leaving the store now (despite not having paid), and she tells me that I'd better get going, because Al's trying to get me.

    On that note, I ask the cashier for another Gatorade, since I won't be able to stop again until the end of the race. He reaches behind him and grabs an orange Gatorade (oh, yeah, apparently all convenience stores in my dreams keep Gatorade behind the counter). I take off and starting riding up a street. It's Moody Street in Waltham Center.

    I have no idea why I would be biking up Moody Street in Waltham Center. Waltham Center is one of the most fucked up centers I've ever seen, and I've been there, like, three times. But there I was, biking up the hill (yeah, I got my bike back somehow).

    Just as I pass the People's Choice video store, I realize I have to stop there for someone. Unfortunately, before I get in the store, I wake up... 8:30 am, time to get ready for work. Back to reality.

    I still have no idea what the race was all about...

    Before this completely slips out of my head...

    I was in a farmhouse, near the ocean. Up the path and through the woods was a lily-pad covered marsh, and on one side was a small waterfall. I remember going to sleep in the dream and waking up to having no power. I went outside to see what was going on, and I could see the desolation in the distance. There was but a scant mile or so around the farmhouse that was safe from the charring. Some man, maybe a coyboy, maybe an adventurer, maybe just a jerk, walked out of the flames. He told me things were going to be different now, very different. I scratched my head and nodded. I followed him along a different path into the woods. Here there was a concrete building, quite small, on which there was a padlocked door. The man pulled out a knife, shoved it between the door and the lock, and twisted. The door creaked open and we walked inside. There was a counter under some windows on the front wall, and the counter was covered with 5 pound yellow bags with the Irving (gas corporation) logo on them. Somehow I knew these were full of charcoal.

    I for some reason saw a black cat walk into the building, I panicked, screamed, and woke up.

    I don't exactly remember what the cats were about, there were other cats and it made sense in the dream, but it doesn't quite fit together now. The other thing I can remember thinking was how much it was going to suck to jump under the waterfall in the dead of winter.

    Dreams are odd.

    Finally! A dream that wasn't too trippy!
    My brother was in the back bay on a small boat with a friend of his. It had a small outboard engine. I went out there a little dinghy that had no mode of locomotion, so I kinda' paddled with my hands. When I met up with them, although the water was deep enough to be boating in, we could stand up in it, and it'd be about knee to waist height. This was slightly trippy. So I ended up walking great distances across the back bay, and it was pretty cool. Imagine that.

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