What a pity that all the figurines seem to have been injecting tennis balls (or steroids...you pick) into their muscles.

Honestly, now. What's the deal here? The whole visual ethos of the Star Wars movies was about lean, wily characters; men and women strong of sinew and quick of mind who dealt out justice with their wits and weapons, not their fists. These new figures all look like as if they've been spending too much time with the Nautilus machines instead of honing their mastery of the Force.

Ridiculous and grossly non- representational of the svelte and handsome actors/actresses, these toys will only bring their owners crushing shame and ostracism as previous generations mock and taunt poseurs with our "old school" AT-ATs, Ewok Villages, and trim posable figures (with special boot holes for placement in playset scenes).

Wish you could have figures that don't look like steroid abusers? Check out antique stores (seriously) and ask if they have a toy section. Many of my (much younger) brother's Star Wars figures, vehicles and even Ewok Village came from such venues.