Adjective meaning slim or trim.

Deceptively close to "veldt" yet wholly different in nature and application, this word is one of the key components in the verbal toolkit of any speaker of the English language aspiring to greatness. It carries graceful undertones of derring-do and chivalry while maintaining a contemporary style and timeless pronunciation. Use with deft abandon.

Unfortunately, our Svelte friends have decided that their Svelte time has been Svelte enoguh, and are calling the quits. However, it was a clean break, with no hard feelings exchanged between members (except for Kerry, but he doesn't know yet). Best of luck to all former Svelte members in their cool future groovy moon loving adventures.
Svelte is an indie rock group. Their music is filled with graceful tones and cheesy guitar solos.

Svelte is:


I Dig Your Mainframe Don't Panic

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