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High heels on women are a particular pet peeve of mine for two reasons:

They're uncomfortable.

I've got simple tastes when it comes to women's attire (on women... I've got my own wardrobe, thank you very much). I like the women in my life to be comfortable in their clothes...a comfy woman is a beautiful and sexy woman. Jeans and an old sweatshirt stoke my libido much more than a garter belt because I know that the lovely creature within isn't being pinched, squeezed, or scratched by something made from a half-mile of lace and wire.

High heels must be the worst of the lot, though, because I've seen the look of relief and delight when women get to take their shoes off at the end of the day. There's a moment of transcendence that crosses their face...something conspicuously absent when they kick off their Nikes after a jog. These subtle hints tell me that high heels are not comfortable footwear.

The ludicrous number of high heel-wearing models dressed in swimsuits, underwear, and little more than a smile.

I'm not a foot fetishist, so there's probably a segment of the population which will disagree with me on this one, but if I'm looking at a woman in a state of undress, I want her to have taken her shoes off waaaaay beforehand.

Why does the archetype of a high-heeled and undressed woman persist? I know this is just my personal opinion, but anyone wearing shoes of any kind once their clothes have been discarded looks kinda sleazy. Moreover, when you're down to nekkid, but you've neglected to remove your high heels, what message is that trying to convey?

If you forget to take off your shoes, it suggests to me that you are so absent-minded as to be a serious hazard in the course of a relationship (impending relationships with the viewer(s) are an implied end result in even the most implausible photo shoot).

Please. IRL, if you are about to consummate a relationship, lose the shoes. They're nasty in bed. They rumple the sheets and poke your partner in agonizing spots.

And if anyone on e2 has influence over the porn industry, pass my sentiments along. If I can see body parts normally covered by a thong, I shouldn't be seeing heels. It's just plain wrong.