Disreputable. Unctuous. Overly familiar in a fashion that makes you feel dirty afterwards. Pretended friendliness. The tight grin on the swindler's face. The salesman takes you out to a lunch you couldn't afford, so you'll buy his shoddy product with your employer's money. Have a cigar. I'm smiling so you won't see how much I hate this.

Tawdry. Keep me high and I'll ball you forever. Self-hate covered with a smile and too much makeup. I'll do anything you want me to, if you'll pretend not to notice that I'm killing myself -- and you, too. I'll grin when you humiliate me inside and don't even know you're doing it ... but you won't be smiling when it's your turn.

Brightly-colored brand name signs hanging over slums. Brightly-colored brand name shirts hanging over blackened hearts.

Desire plus guilt plus cynicism plus apathy. Everyone's corrupt -- and you're no better. Quit pretending you aren't pretending.

Slea"zy (?), a. [Cf. G. schleissig worn out, threadbare, from schleissen to slit, split, decay, or E. leasy.]

Wanting firmness of texture or substance; thin; flimsy; as, sleazy silk or muslin.

[Spelt also slazy.]


© Webster 1913.

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