Sydney, 10:14

Well, this daylog is actually my weekendlog. Given the amount of stuff I've done this weekend (or at least it feels that way!) I felt I should actually write some of it down!

Well, starting from after work, I travelled back to my place of residence to shower/shave etc, then into the city to my girlfriend's families pub, where my girlfirend was working. We were heading to Sublime@Home tonight, but the first thing I need to do was collect our "supplies" (read drugs) for tonight. One of our friends was at the pub so she and I headed down south to a McDonalds to meet my new dealer and pickup.

On the way down there, the top of my gearstick fell off. As you can imagine that was rather annoying as the underneath of the gear-knob isn't particularly smooth or designed to be used by itself. So driving around for the rest of the night was really fun. But anyhow, we met the dealer got our e's (2 blue four leaf clovers, 2 yellow four leaf clovers, and a spade) and headed back to the pub to pick my girlfriend up.

OK, fast-forward to about 2am. Were at Sublime I'm dancing, my girlfriend and A. having been having a good chat for the whole evening, and the pills are fairly average. A. has only had 1, and is coming down so about 3am we decide to head home. We wander back to the car, only to discover that it been broken into. Ack.

What go stolen

CD's times 3, bags times 2, my new sunglasses (given to me by my girlfriend). The contents of the bags were, A's new perscription sunglasses (~$US200 worth), clothes (~$US250), mobile phones, girlfriends pay (~$US100), key, and more. All in all we lost close to $1000 worth of stuff. Wasn't exactly the best way to end an evening, especially when everyone is starting to come down!

Now I was parked behind A's work, which has a gate which we locked behind us on the way in. The keys to this gate were in A's bag. Fun huh? I couldn't get my car down the gutter as it was was about 2-3 inches high and my car is lowered with side skirts. So the next 2-3 hours involved running around Darling Harbour trying to find security to let us out and reporting the stolen stuff to the police. Around 5:30 we finally got the cleaner the let us out of the carpark so we could go home. Yay.


Saturday can be summerised fairly easily. We received a call from a security guard that the 2 bags had turned up, so we collected them (everything of value had been removed funnily enough). Then we went home and back to sleep, as myself and my girlfriend were working that night at the pub. So Saturday night arrived, we dragged our sorry asses into work for African Night. Suprisingly it was a very good night to work. Not busy, but enough people that you didn't get bored, we got more tips than we've every had before, and the whole place was so stoned that no-one was causing any trouble. Come 3:30am we were cleaned up and gone.

So, since Friday morning, 38 hours have passed. I've been at work for 16hours, partied for 5, sleeped 3. Hmm..

Funnily enough we slept fairly well on Saturday night/morning.


Went to visit my girlfriends brother for lunch, then headed home. Around 8pm, picked up some more drugs (pot) put Contact on got stoned, then went to bed.

And now, here I am at work. Again... oh boy it been a long weekend...