I posted some nodes today, played Diablo2, and read some comics of PVP I missed (that stuff is funny as hell). I've also been reading quite a bit:
-Sword in the Stone
-The Hobbit (been a long time)
-The Story of B
-Biology Textbook (...)
-Geometery Textbook

The biology textbook I have to read in order to study for that class, but why have I been reading my Geometery book you ask? I've been pondering making a full fledged geometery program in Python using Tk. Sure, it may sound like the usual, "do your homework for you because you don't get it" program, I actually understand geometery. If it could do the homework I'd have alot more time to study. Of course, it would have to be very fast in order to be worthwhile, as solving geometery proofs usually doesn't take that long shorthand. I could also just do it for the common good, I'm sure some kids out there would like to learn the parts of the textbook their teacher skipped.