Sundays are always a little difficult to take. They were usualy the time for us to be together. Of course, it hasn't happened for a long time now. I'm nearly forgetting everything about her. She is now becoming just a memory.

The past few months have been filled with life-changing moments. Yesterday was just another one. I spent time with my good friend and business partner, Kevin, at the Toronto Auto Show. We talked so much about our dreams and being able to get past so many of the barriers in our personal life. One of them was the negativity that kept surrounding us.

I now associate with people who are positive and have a good outlook on life.

I have HOPE.

If you look at my home node, you'll see why. It's so much more than just an e-commerce website. I am now able to elevate my way of thinking, being able to have patience with all of those around me, have a positive effect on others, especially my close friends.

I want to say to you, that now would be a good time to come home, because I've changed so much of myself in the past few months than I have in the last six years. But I'd be worried about how you'd have stayed the same. It makes me weary that you probably haven't changed at all, working hard at a job that probably won't get you into many places.

I'm talking about being able to break out of the corporate structure and making a real life for yourself. I'm talking about not commuting for hours on end, spending nearly one-fifth of your life lining up in traffic like lemmings.

Life is too good right now, and it's going to be better.

I now have girlfriends around the U.S. who care for me. I've made a lifetime girlfriend over the internet - possibly more around the world. I'm going out with a girl whom I hadn't seen for a while since Carleton University, and now we spend time together at least once a week. And I'm also interested in another beautiful girl, agonizing over her because she smiles at me ever-so-sweetly.

Since the break-up, I jumped off a cliff and landed onto something soft and pliable. I found myself again. I think more clearly, love more unconditionally, understand more thoroughly. If only you hadn't done what you did. But then, I wouldn't have fallen to land someplace else. It was fate.

If you want to know more about it, then take a chance to contact me. See how I've changed.

You've pushed me off, but now I'm taking leaps all over the place.

I'm now learning the truth.

This day will go down in history as the day the Canadians took back their national sport, in both Men's and Women's action. Whoot whoot.

I have never felt such a rush watching the final seconds of the game, standing and shouting 'O Canada' at my television screen, opening up a Molson and feeling, for the first time in a long time, part of my national community. For one fleeting moment, politics were put aside, and I joined hands (figuratively) with my right-wing counterparts to celebrate what was another defining moment in Canadian history.

I'll put aside my commentary on how much money is spent on professional sport versus homelessness and health care, how the press can give more coverage to cross-country skiing than to innocents dying in Afghanistan.

Today, I am Canadian. And damn, am I proud!

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