Sometimes you just have one of those mornings where you are really tired cause you were out club hopping until 4 am and than had to show up early to work.. You have a load of paperwork to do cause your boss haven’t been in all the last week, and all of a sudden it’s everyone's birthday this weekend. You are out of coffee and you are boycotting Starbucks after looking at your last Visa statement and realizing you spend 150$ a month on caffenated beverages. That’s half of your rent, and since you are an adult now, you have possessions and a pet and a computer, and ending up on the street is not such a good idea. You still haven’t washed off your make up off your face, and the smell of cigarettes is lingering on your coat, but you must smile and pretend like this morning is making sense even though your eyes are blood shot and you think you might have done one too many of those pink shooters, then you remember you didn’t even drink last night cause you were the one driving, and wonder why you wagely smell like liquor, than you remember some random spiky haired creature who you might have locked lips with, or perhaps it was your clumsy friend that spilled half a glass of Sex On The Beach on you and that explains that lingering smell of alcohol. You are starting to think that if you go in the back and take a nap, no one will notice, but then you look at the time, and realize you must go and make plans for this evening. I guess it’s just one of those mornings.