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The first root log (one year ago; what memories...) explains why the root logs exist. Note: this writeup are only changes that I, N-Wing have made.


  • modified message (opcode) to detect the most basic /msg typos: a missing leading / and no text after the user


  • (boring memories junk, feel free to skip this) Wow. 1 year ago I made the first change to E2. And what a big change it was, adding a saying to the front page random quote generator. When I started out, I was hugely worried about causing Server Error!s, especially since I was pretty weak in Perl. A few early changes I did also hugely stressed the database (such as the original implementation of the other users groups). Now, I just throw Server Errors around for the fun of it, and don't create too much more work for the database.


  • started work on a generic /msg htmlcode; this will solve the problem of /msging several groups, and avoid problems like /ignore not working for certain things

$day=[ 9  ..  16 ];


  • changed writeuphints (htmlcode) so editors now also see writeup hints when viewing a specific writeup, even if it isn't theirs (I mostly did this to track down the next problem...)
  • fixed writeuphints (htmlcode) so a multi-line link wasn't treated as an improperly closed link (this would happen if the link target had an embedded newline in it)
  • updated user information XML to show if a user is in the common usergroups


  • panamaus uncovered part of nate plan to link Brian Eno to every node (oops, I just linked it from this one) (the hard links in writeuphints (htmlcode) had a &lastnode_id=whatever in the example links; I removed the lastnode part by directly calling linkNodeTitle instead)
  • changed displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode)'s function sendMessage to use sendPrivateMessage instead of directly adding the messages to the table


  • updated htmlcodes displayWriteupInfo and chatterinfo to show all messages sent if sending multiple messages on the same page load (currently, this can only happen if you talk to several people at once using the writeup header area)
  • added an optional filter and a little more infomation to private message XML ticker - give the parameter messageidstart=decimal_number to only get messages above the given number; an info tag at the start shows how many messages are in the ticker


  • fixed the problem in Message Inbox with the dangling [ in messages

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