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(it all went downhill from here)

More information about some of these items, may be found on E2's SourceForge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/everything2/ .

Sorry for not doing much this month, I've been busy or incapacitated. As for the numbers here, the sequence should come naturally to you.


  • added guard in Message Inbox (superdoc) for when sort-my-inbox pref. is enabled, and no groups are found; hopefully this will stop the Server Error!s some people are getting


  • refixed Message Inbox (superdoc) to work properly when the sort-my-inbox option is enabled, and viewing the non-standard usergroups
  • as per Carthag's suggestion, made Message Inbox remember the archived/unarchived/both setting
  • while there, I also put in the sort-my-inbox option


  • more mucking with usergroup display page (htmlpage) so now any user can now easily /msg the group leader
  • updated showchatter (htmlcode) so long-word breaking now doesn't mess up links


  • updated softlink (htmlcode), which shows the softlinks at the bottom of e2nodes and writeups, to only get the "light" version of the nodes, instead of the normal full version; this makes things a bit faster with no penalty, since all we care about is each softlink's ID and title

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