I can remember being in an airport. It was busy, full of bustling people who pushed at me from all directions. I spot my mother up ahead of me in the crowd. I call out to her, but she doesn't hear me or doesn't pay attention. I try to catch up with her, but she keeps further and further away. She disappears.

Suddenly, I start finding pennies on the ground and I scramble around picking them up. There aren't many people in the hallways now. Occaisionally I find a nickel or dime. I even find a pair of Red Lobster gift certificates...$30 each.

Now I am walking down the hallway again. It's full of people and they all funnel into a large auditorium-like room. The ceiling is silver. There's a movie screen in the front. I find a seat on the right hand side of the room. I look around for people that I know, but don't see anyone. We all watch a movie...

And then I woke up.