Today I have twice experienced deja vu.

First, I had borrowed Ragnar! Skunk's TV card, and set it up in my computer... a couple of times... until it started working. I plugged in the PlayStation which I borrowed along with it and turned on Final Fantasy Tactics. As the intro movie played... (A warrior takes sword in hand, clasping a gem to his heart...) I was struck by it. I've never borrowed his PlayStation before that I can remember, and certainly never his TV card, and I'm in a totally different room than ever, but I still got that eerie feeling that I had been there exactly before.

Second was actually Everything-related. I was power-surfing as usual--I have eight e2 browser windows open ATM--when as so often happens I come across a "Findings:" telling me the last link I clicked didn't exist. I always forget what I was looking for when this happens... apparently I was looking up Edward Scissorhands. Now, I don't know what would cause anyone to have a sudden memory of not finding a node about Edward Scissorhands, but there it is. I've only even been here a week or two, and I just changed the theme from the charred which I've had the whole time to water, so I don't know what kind of familiarity that could come from.

Deja vu happens to me a lot. It's really weird, like vertigo.

Next week I'm going to be working in a different computer lab while the one I'm at now is closed for upgrades. This lab belongs to the School of Computing; the other one belongs to the School of Business, and it's really weird how they keep track of things. They made a big deal out of counting how many hours the lab was to be open and saying that if only one or two people were here late at night they might close it earlier. Uy.

Ah well. I'm all up for an uninterrupted weekend of FF Tactics, Final Fantasy VIII, Legend of Mana, and Legend of Dragoon. If I can rip myself away from Everything.