Blargh!. Aloha.
Read a few books in the last couple of weeks. Just a short summary and "feelings" about each. In the order of being read.
  • Ender's Game - very well written book. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't the "ooh" and the "aah" that everyone told me it would be. Still it was very entertaining. And the fights, heh brought my childhood back all over again. Go for this one I say.
  • Speaker for the Dead - eh..what can i say. I expected more..honestly. This book was bordering on boring. It's sort of continuation of Ender's Game. The characters are the same (Ender and his sis) but the acent is on completely different things. There are apparently few more books in this series, but I don't think I'll come back to them any time soon. Awesome, absolutely incredibly stories that shook me Tunesmith and Eye for an eye. Btw the author is Orson Scott Card.
  • A suggestion from my friend, i picked up The wheel of time series by Robert Jordan. Man! The first book was The eye of the world. I was immedeatly pulled in. Rand al'Thor, Perrin and Mat travelling, saving the world from Dark one, having trouble with women. Excellent story-telling - but nothing new. Trollocs and Fades. Saidar and Saidin. Anyhow I tore through three books in less then a week. The first one was as I mentioned "The eye of the world". The second one is Great hunt. Third one (finished yesterday) is Dragon reborn. I must admit that the will to read the series is sort of winding down, and I have trouble believing that the story can be exciting for 10 books! But, I'll deal with my duties first before i can go back to reading. Then we'll find out.