I would like to attend this. Due to a lack of funds, though, I will have to drive, and would be quite interested in car pooling. I'm in Delaware, so if you're from the DE/PA/MD/NY area and would like to meet up and drive over, I'm fine for that, or failing that, I can probably meet up with somebody driving through VA, since I can drop my car off at my parent's house down there. Please contact me regarding this.

So put me down as a maybe. Thanks...

May 22 update: It looks like I'll be hooking up with Brassmule and coming on down Saturday.

What I can bring:

  • The complete set of Nuclear War cards, just in case anybody wants to play.
  • The Castle of Cagliostro on DVD
  • A terrible, world scouring need for chocolate. It follows me everywhere.

May 24 Update:

  1. zot: I can't figure out how to send you /msg's in such a way that they will actually go through. How should it be written, oh great one?
  2. You mention a web page that things will be at. Is it not yet listed because it is only for mapping purposes, or...

    May 29 Update:

    Thinking fairly strongly of trying to get a motel room at the local crosscountry inn (thanks to ccunning for the info), not only to spare floor space for somebody else, but because it'll probably be easier to park there and carpool than to overload the street (which, it has already been mentioned, it will be very hard to find parking on). I volunteer ahead of time to be a designated driver, btw, though since I don't know my way around, this may not be the wisest of ideas.