So I'm sitting here in California, and my manager reminds me "You've got over 4 weeks of vacation that you haven't taken - you've got to use it". What do you with four weeks of vacation? Well, thats easy head back to the alma mater, visit friends, write some stuff that isn't work related and play some games.

And then it struck me - why not get those E2'ers from the Midwest to come visit me?

  • m_turner
  • Chaboud (with a place to crash at!)
  • Gone Jackal
  • Dialogue
  • Mitchevious
  • mordel
  • Ki
  • maybe zot-fot-piq
  • maybe Xamot
  • maybe mordel
  • (Your name here! - /msg m_turner ... or write something more intresting than what I have below)
  • Where:
    Madison, Wisconsin
    Specifically 506 State Street (see

    June 23, 2001 (unless there is a very strong request for June 30 - I'm trying to avoid Fourth of July conflicts with attendees and establishments)

  • afternoon - 8ish:
    LAN gaming (no need to bring a machine, its at the store. No cost, I know the owner (he's my brother)).
    They've got 20 high end game machines, a 100 megabit local network and a T1 outbound.
    You could node if you really want to.

  • 8pm-ish - 9pm-ish:
    Sushi at Wasabi (across the street) - Yes, they have food that is cooked too.

  • 9ish - whenever
    Karaoke (my brother's girlfriend will know of a place)
    If there are any age restrictions upon the place (ie bar), people may return for more LAN gaming.
  • Accommodations:
    Uncertain - I'm actually going to be in the middle of a long vacation and at my parents. Still, I am certain that something can be arranged (I'm sure that hotel prices are less expensive than that of San Diego and if this is a problem, I'll see what I can do to help out). Moving people from point A to point B will not be a problem.

    Hey! This isn't a fancy-dancy neat-o looking node? What is wrong with you man?

    I'm sorry, I tend to write fact nodes and this is my first E2 Gathering that I'm hosting. If you have a problem with that - shoot me. You have your choice - Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, or Tribes 2.

    The gauntlet game is indeed there... its got a few color glitches in it, but its Guantlet.

    Elf shot the sushi
    All your wasabi will be lost!
    Don't shoot the tempura!
    (no, it dosn't say that)

    The day is indeed the 23 of June (thats this weekend!). Chances are the list will be slightly larger than the one above - there are some non-E2 friends of noders that will be showing up (and are most welcome) and an E2 noder or two that isn't very active (one of which is a taxi driver in Madison... but hasn't been on E2 in ages).

    Jurph may be looking for a ride by way of Columbus Mitchevious, how out of the way is that for you?

    Q: When should I show up?
    A: Sometime in the early afternoon of June 23. I'll be there. Say "I'm with E2" at the desk and all will be taken care of there. At about 8pm, we will head across the street to Wasabi for sushi. This makes it easy in case you are late and need to find out where to go.

    Q: Is this for Satuday only?
    A: As far as I know... granted, if you show up on Friday night, I'm certainit won't be too difficult to find a (small) group of people to head to one of the many estabilshments on State Street - though most enjoyment would be for those over 21 (they do check ID).

    Q: Why wasn't this node updated for a while?
    A: Umm... well, you see... there's this computer infront of me, and its got all these... games. And there are no clocks in the room... or windows... and suddenly I hear "Closing time!"... and another day of stress testing CPUs and Video Cards comes to an end... Isn't that better than saying "I was playing games all day long"?

    Q: Can I bring a friend?
    A: You have friends outside of E2?! Of course!

    The aftermath

    Another Nodermeet, Another Node

    Once again friends, fear not. For the planets have alligned and the moon is ripe for picking, as the chance to meet Mitchevious has once again presented itself. Instead of driving four hours to Minneapolis to do battle with the gigantic fro of qousqous, I will travel four hours to the mad town of Madison to do battle with the nefarious and cruel m_turner and his evil minions.

    I will be attending June 23rd, and will partake in whatever activities are deemed appropiate. I am always up for Karaoke with fellow Mid Westeners, and if necessary can bust out my expansive knowledge of the Star Trek Universe for entertainment.

    Fellow noders on the way to Madison from Green Bay can obtain a ride from me. But only if you are on the way; none of that 'Hey Mitch, I live in Idaho, want to pick me up crap? mmkay?

    On the note of games, how about some good old fashioned real time strategy? Starcraft? Red Alert? Command & Conquer Gold? Dune2000? Eh? EH?!?

    I shall see you on the other side . . .

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