Another Nodermeet, Another Node

Once again friends, fear not. For the planets have alligned and the moon is ripe for picking, as the chance to meet Mitchevious has once again presented itself. Instead of driving four hours to Minneapolis to do battle with the gigantic fro of qousqous, I will travel four hours to the mad town of Madison to do battle with the nefarious and cruel m_turner and his evil minions.

I will be attending June 23rd, and will partake in whatever activities are deemed appropiate. I am always up for Karaoke with fellow Mid Westeners, and if necessary can bust out my expansive knowledge of the Star Trek Universe for entertainment.

Fellow noders on the way to Madison from Green Bay can obtain a ride from me. But only if you are on the way; none of that 'Hey Mitch, I live in Idaho, want to pick me up crap? mmkay?

On the note of games, how about some good old fashioned real time strategy? Starcraft? Red Alert? Command & Conquer Gold? Dune2000? Eh? EH?!?

I shall see you on the other side . . .