Breath of Fire III moved Capcom's Breath of Fire RPG videogame series to the Playstation. Now on CDs, the game became lengthier and more involved. You had the same hero as in the past two games, Ryu, and the same heroine, Nina, with four extra characters. This time, unlike the other games, the max characters per battle were three instead of the standard four.

Rei -- Rei is a were-tiger, who befriends Ryu in the beginning of the game.
Teepo -- A purple-haired boy who is mysteriously seperated from Ryu early in the game. . .
Momo -- You find Momo in a tower. She is an eccentric scientist who loves technology, if she is a bit ditzy.
Garr -- He is a Guardian, one sent to kill the Brood, which is the Dragon clan Ryu belongs to. He joins up with you in a rather interesting way.
Peco -- Peco is a spawn of Yggdrassil, the tree that controls all nature in the world of Breath of fire III. You find him in a power plant after destroying a mutant plant monster.

The plotline in Breath of Fire III greatly improves from that of the past two games on the Super Nintendo. They also introduce the Master System, a system of learning special skills by enlisting under masters. The Dragon Transformation techniques are accompanied now by genes, which you can splice and mix to form a multitude of different dragon forms.

Breath of Fire 3 came out early into the Playstation's life span, is a classic RPG utilizing 3-D sprites at their highest. You can also build a Faerie Village, incorporating sim videogame elements.