Breath of Fire 2 is a video game for the SNES. It is a traditional style rpg that was both fantastic and underrated. It is also a sequal to the original Breath of Fire by Capcom. The Graphics were great for the time. Easily as lush as Secret of Mana, they were detailed and just looked plain good.

The sound was alright, with some okay effects during fights, but the music, although inappropriate at times, was excellent. I probably spent more time listening to the sound test than playing the game.

The game was reasonably challenging and took me four sustained weekends of play to beat. Since the movement was on a tile level, and the random battles were frequent and irritating, it played at a much slower pace than other rpgs. Much time was spent in the strategic turn based battles, and simply walking around.

The best part of the game was the storyline. It featured a young boy named Ryu whose family disappered. Later he discovers he is actually a dragon, when people everywhere start becoming demons. The storyline gets better as you go along, with the final boss being great.

Probably the best part of Breath of Fire 2 is the character design. We have Ryu Bateson a member of the dragon clan, Bow a half dog grassrunner, Katt Chuan an agressive, but not too bright woren female, Rand Marks, an ex-farmer armidillo man healer, who is as strong as a brick. There's also Sten Legacy, an ex-soldier monkey, Jean a useless and annoying frog, Nina Windia, the winged love interest, Spar a half tree, and the semi secret character, Bleu, who is a half-snake indigo mage.

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