Ryu Bateson is the main character of the breath of fire series.

Ryu is a young man with blue hair who happens to be part of the dragon clan. Within the Breath of Fire universe, each person has traits of their own clan; in essence it is a race. Being a dragon clan member, Ryu can change into a dragon. This changes form in the different games.

In the first Breath of Fire, Ryu was a member or the Light dragons, fighting a war against the dark dragons, in much the same way as light and dark Jedi. Ryu, a noble and virtuous warrior, was in this game able to transform into several dragon types. These were taught by various dragon elders throughout the game. When Ryu transformed, he became much more powerful, and remained transformed for the rest of the battle. His transforms included various elemental forms, along with the awesome Rudra form, and the legendary Agni form.

The second game sees Ryu as a ranger, sharing a room with his childhood friend Bow (questionable, I know). Again kind and honest, Ryu's transformation abilities worked differently. This time, they were one off spells that drained all of Ryu's magical power, and did damage proportional to how much he had left. His dragon powers had four levels: The puppies (Fire Puppy, Ice puppy and Thunder puppy) only affected one enemy. The dragons (Fire Dragon, Ice Dragon and Thunder Dragon) affected all enemies, and did more damage. G.Drgn did the maximum possible damage when Ryu was full on magical powers. Finally, Anfini, the ultimate dragon power, had merely a storyline point, and otherwise did nothing.

In the third game, Ryu was able to find various dragon genes, and combine them to form various powers. This game saw him as a member of the brood, another name for the dragon clan. Ryu was also able to use the mighty Kaiser dragon here.

An interesting note is that all the Breath of Fire games feature Ryu as the protagonist, and Nina as the love interest, despite being set in different time periods. They are still set within the same world though.

Also, each game sees Ryu as an avid fisherman. When equiped correctly, he can cast a line to fish for equipment and, err... fish.

Note: Is anyone able to provide more information about Ryu in the third and forth games, as I haven’t played either of them?

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