The effeminate mustachioed archer from She-ra. He was the lamest of all the She-Ra action figures; his special action was a heart that would light up. (Interestingly, the button on his side that accomplished this is in the same place as Data's off switch..) Aww, the power of love. Barf.

BO (also B.O.) is an abbreviation for body odor, and refers mainly to objectionable odors from the armpits.

When the film channel HBO debuted on cable TV, kids asked each other "Do you have HBO?", and if the answer was yes, gleefully screamed "You've got horrible body odor and you admit it!"

The letters BO are also the initials of yours truly, which is why I often use my full initials, BAO.

Bo is the Codename For Debian GNU/Linux stable release 1.3. It's named after a character from Toy Story, like all other Debian codenames.

One of the main characters from Capcom's Breath of Fire CRPG.

Bo is an anthropomorphic wolf, and as such, along with the dragon-morphing lead character Ryu, one of my favorites. =)

Bo is a member of the Hunting Tribe. He wears woodsman outfit and uses bow and arrows as his primary weapon. In addition to using them masterfully in combat, he is also able to hunt outside of the battle. Also, since Bo is an experienced woodsman, when Bo leads the group, you are able to walk through the forest areas. Bo is also capable of using offensive magic, which makes him even more capable fighter.

Bo's tribe had to pull back from their woodland home shortly before the game began, due to the attack of the Dark Dragon Clan. Bo joins Ruy's company as they're unraveling some odd schemes and mysteries in forests near the beginning of the game...

Source: Breath of Fire manual and the game itself.

Short for hobo, as used by the hobos themselves. Not exactly popular in the last few decades, but frequently appears in Depression-era books and movies.

In the eastern martial arts, the bo is typically a wooden staff between one to two inches in diameter and between five and six feet in length. Length is determined by physical stature (height) and preference of the user. Also, the type of wood will be chosen according to the user's preferences in weight and hardness.

Historians have found the earliest records of such a weapon being used for self-defense residing in China where it was mostly used as a tool to carry grains or water by balancing the loads in buckets on either end of the staff and then putting the staff across the back.

In the martial arts, there is a brain-numbing plethora of techniques for using the bo. Many consider its primary uses to be defensive because of the staff's obvious parrying applications and tendency to render opponents unconscious instead of killing them. However, the bo does have as many offensive applications as it does defensive. A trained user can easily generate enough force to deal a skull-crushing blow, prevent the enemy from ever procreating, or penetrate a bad guy's head through the temple.

The bo is often the first weapon taught to martial artists because its techniques tend to apply to almost all weapon forms. Also, it doesn't take much training to become proficient with a staff. Mastery, however, requires years of dedicated training.

We acquired a kitten a few years we just fell in love with. With the hole in our lives caused by the death of our oldest cat, we found a cute little tuxedo cat who scampered around a lot. But we returned to do some paperwork related stuff and saw this gorgeous little domestic shorthair male who had a riot of caramel, black, white and brown fur. We fell in love with him and adopted him and called him "Monty". He and Xena were inseparable, but within a few weeks we saw him fighting for breath. We took him to the vet and after a course of antibiotics he seemed to be better,but then started to take a really downward turn. We returned him to the vet, and the following day got the news that he had died of feline peritonitis which is incurable and 99.9% fatal.

He was a really, really sweet animal, and we took his death pretty hard.

We had noticed after our oldest cat Gigi had wasted away to half her weight. She wouldn't eat, she was clearly upset, and if anyone thinks animals don't have souls and don't mourn, they're wrong. So we headed this off for ourselves and for Xena by looking at cats again. We found a similarly colored domestic long hair with huge paws - he must have some Maine Coon in him, and adopted him. Gigi hated him right away, but Xena and him were playing right off the bat. We wondered just what the hell to call him and settled eventually on Bo.

Bo has absolutely no idea how to cat.

Hobbes is annoyed because Bo will just charge at him. Xena and Hobbes just realize that's what he does, but Gigi has always taken this as a threatening gesture and responded in kind. Now he just charges at her with his claws out and she attacks back. But he's not aggressive, in fact we think he's just clueless, and partly blind - or at least shortsighted.

Him and Xena are close in age and they play together a lot. She took a maternal interest in him: it took a long time for him to realize he's supposed to clean his fur - he got the message after the other cats did it for him constantly and started doing it himself. He's tried mounting her a few times but can't seem to figure out why, even though he's been neutered. She's expressed her disinterest in this pretty forcefully, and he seems to be operating on some kind of instinct he doesn't understand.

They will occasionally lie together, her quietly licking him, and he'll start licking her back. And then like two old ladies increasingly fighting over who is going to pay the bill for their luncheon, it goes from a paw getting involved to hold one down in order to maintain licking supremacy to playfighting and the odd play-bite. It always ends this way, which bemuses us as to why it even starts.

But his absolute favorite thing in life is chasing a laser pointer. The wife keeps buying a certain brand of them from the dollar store, and Bo knows exactly what the sound of the chain on it sounds like. Even inaudible to us, if you bump the pointer in any way, he comes sprinting from wherever he is, looking furiously around for the laser dot and staring at us pointedly to make it go. We can't pick up, relocate, or even inadvertently touch the thing without hearing what sounds like the thunder of hooves bashing through the house to come to our midst.

But to keep himself busy, he likes to play a game that sets off our alarm. He races through the house to build up steam and then leaps into the seat of the wife's office chair. It's on a wooden floor, so he's able to coast across the room riding it like a skateboard. If we have motion detectors working, he won't set it off, but the chair does. He will then drop down, use his big paws to turn the back around, bite the back cushion, and drag it back to its original position so he can do it again. We thought he might be developmentally delayed for a cat, but seeing him do this makes us wonder.

Animals clearly have souls, or at least the Buddha nature, which is the closest thing a Buddhist will get to admitting to a soul. It's always a delight seeing what kind of weird personality you get when you acquire a cat. Bo might occasionally trip one of us up, set off an alarm, or otherwise annoy the other cats, but he's a big goofy ball of weird, and we've all come to love him. Except Gigi.




Bo (?), interj. [Cf. W. bw, an interj. of threatening or frightening; n., terror, fear, dread.]

An exclamation used to startle or frighten.

[Spelt also boh and boo.]


© Webster 1913.

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