One of the main characters from Capcom's Breath of Fire CRPG.

Bo is an anthropomorphic wolf, and as such, along with the dragon-morphing lead character Ryu, one of my favorites. =)

Bo is a member of the Hunting Tribe. He wears woodsman outfit and uses bow and arrows as his primary weapon. In addition to using them masterfully in combat, he is also able to hunt outside of the battle. Also, since Bo is an experienced woodsman, when Bo leads the group, you are able to walk through the forest areas. Bo is also capable of using offensive magic, which makes him even more capable fighter.

Bo's tribe had to pull back from their woodland home shortly before the game began, due to the attack of the Dark Dragon Clan. Bo joins Ruy's company as they're unraveling some odd schemes and mysteries in forests near the beginning of the game...

Source: Breath of Fire manual and the game itself.