Nina is the love interest character of Breath of Fire. She is member of the wing clan, and thus has large, feathery wings on her back, with which she is able to fly. As can be construed from her surname, Nina is the princess of the city Winlan, called windia in the original Japanese game, and all subsequent games in the series.

Being an odd-numbered game in the series, the original breath of fire sees Nina wearing red. Like most characters in the game, she didn't have a particularly strong, noticeable personality. Despite her golden hair, which looks almost like a pair of horns, Nina is portrayed as an angelic character. Nina has a variety of healing magics, which make her one of the most useful characters, and almost essential for Boss fights, as they always are the first action executed. She also has several undead-disposal spells. Later in the game, she gains the ability to fly around the map screen.

Nina's standard attack, a downward thrust with a sword, is very weak, and thus she is best used as a healer.

Nina Winlan married outside her clan, weakening the bloodline. Because of this, it is revealed in the second game that the wing clan have lost the ability to fly.

Nina's Spells

Cura Heals ally
Fort Increases defence
Heal Cures Status Ailments
Lk-Up Increases Luck
ATK-Up Raises Attack
Cura2 Heals ally
Hold Holds Enemy
Ag-Up Raises Agility
Warp Warp to a previously visited town
Zom1 Harms Undead
Cura3 Heals ally
Renew Restores life to a dead ally
Idle Slows enemy
Shield Raises magic defence
Cura4 Heal ally
Zom2 Harm Undead
FortX Increase defence of all allies
Hush Block enemies Spells
Dispel Protect from magic
RenewX Bring back to life with full health
CuraX Restore health to all allies
Wall Reflects spells
ZomX Harms Undead

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