Nina is a character from the SNES game Breath of Fire 2. She is a member of the wing clan, and thus has feathery wings on her back. Being from an even numbered game in the series, she wears blue.

Nina is the daughter of the king and queen of the city Windia, called Winlan in the first game. However, she has black wings. (Although this isn't evident in the games graphics, to me anyway) Since it is said that a child with black wings will bring the downfall of Windia, Nina was sent away to the Magic School in Hometown. Her younger sister Mina became the heir.

Nina is caring and compassionate. While in the other games of the series, she takes the part of Ryu Bateson's love interest, Breath of Fire 2 makes a diversion. Here, Nina is set against Katt Chaun as a possible mate for Ryu. This has caused a great deal of heated debate among fans as to who is the better partner for Ryu.

In combat, Nina uses a magic ring as a weapon, which has a very low attacking power. However, she makes up with this with a wide variety of attacking magic. This is furthered by here special ability Will, which enables Nina to gain more AP or magic energy as if from nowhere.

On the map screen, Nina gains her ability later in the game. She is able to summon the great bird of Windia, with which the party can fly around the map screen. Despite the game saying she cannot fly herself, due to the first Nina marrying outside the clan and weakening the bloodline, Nina can fly out of any pit traps she walks into.

When Nina bonds with the Wind and Holy Shamans, she gains a powerful transformation. This raises her stats, and also gives her the Bnsh skill, which forces enemies to retreat.

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