One time I was with some friends in Kansai International Airport, waiting to see someone's plane off. We were bored, so one of us folded a paper airplane and we began tossing it around.

One of the cool things about Kansai is that their air conditioning system is designed to blow air around the terminal in a big circle, starting from huge ducts in the floor and running across the airfoil roof, then back across the floor. Another cool thing about Kansai is that the ticketing area, on the fourth floor of the terminal, overlooks the departures concourse on the second floor, and there's nothing between the two save a tall glass wall and a thirty-foot drop.

Well, needless to say, the plane hit a fscking updraft, went clear over the wall, and landed in the departures concourse, past Customs, past security, past everything. An innocuous mishap, but I suppose it's illegal in some way.

"Act natural!" I said, "maybe they won't notice it!" Of course, they did notice it, and we soon saw security guards closing in on our position. "OK, shit, run!"

We started to make our way to the exit, but we met a guard on the footbridge who was intently listening to a walkie-talkie. "Uhhhh, hold on a minute..." he began in Japanese, holding out his hand in the international symbol for HALT. We walked right past him and crossed the street to the hotel.

Fortunately, the police never came for us, but I'm sure that if it were Ko Samui or Dubai we would have been publicly castrated. Even the women.

Update: A friend of mine informed me that the glass walls at Kansai have since been changed so that this is not possible. I'm glad that we left our lasting mark on the airport.

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