School: This stuipd student teacher in my Music Lit class won't let my listen to MiniDiscs or play games on my TI-83 during class, oh well, now I just sleep. I'm getting a D+ in history right now, that really sucks, but what's sadder is that I don't care. I gave money to fozzy to get some CDs which he didn't even do, but I had no cash for lunch. Luckilly Lauren gave me a granola bar and a piece of a soft pretzel, which was nice of her. We did a lab in Chemistry, chris touched the tongs we were using with the bunsen burner and got a huge welt between his fingers. The whole room was full of smoke and the resident stoners all had to comment on how Dr K. "hot boxed the classroom", morons. Was senior cut day as well, so sociology was no work.

Real Life: It was all saints day, and my parents wanted to take me to church. I stood my ground and they took my ethernet for a while. Then somehow we got into this huge argument over my views, my mom was so convinced that I was some kind of evil person, I'm really not. I figure I should just go to church, not going causes so much conflict that its not good. Chris had a good idea as far as church goes:

"If you can waste an hour jerking your dick to a screen covered in pretty colors, then you can sit in church and listen to some guy talk about god for an hour."

Then I had to do Beowulf summaries, I fired up my DEC laptop and got SparkNotes open and spewed a page or so of BS, should be good enough. Now I'm up in my room pondering a lot of things in my future, I think I'll sleep in silence tonight.

"And you don't seem to understand..."