Yesterday: (SAT) Put up a couple of strings of Xmas lights in the bedroom as an alternative to the harsh fluorescent ceiling lights. Read most of Zelazny's Today We Choose Faces - different aspects remind me of Asimov's The End of Eternity, The Matrix, and Brazil.
Today: (SUN) D&D, Charles's campaign session 2 at Dave's at 2PM. Adam was there (he gave the first session a miss, and I consider him one our best players), and the problem players from last session weren't, so we got a meaningful amount of play done. We nearly got our butts whupped by a band of kuo-toa (what were they doing so far inland?), none of whom we managed to capture alive. Adam's dwarf character inherited a 400-acre manor. Mine made a couple hundred crowns hawking Sleep and Mage Armor scrolls. (If you run a wizard, you can scribe scrolls at a net profit of 12.5 gp for 1st level spells, for 1XP per scroll, essentially trading XP for gold at a 1:12.5 ratio. This is a change from previous editions, where you gained XP for creating magic items. It really helps a lot for outfitting a starting character, and you won't miss the minimal XP loss in the long run.) After some consideration, I stopped production of Sleep scrolls - I suspect it would be bad mojo to flood the local market with offensive magic. We ended in a cliffhanger, with Adam's and my characters facing unstoppable death.
Been working with Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. I find myself fighting to fill 2 handwritten pages a day. I'm constraining myself a bit, as my journal is kept on the computer, Cameron specifies a handwritten daily exercise, and I don't care to overlap the journal and the exercises. I feel like I've already compromised the spec a bit, since I only do 2 pages a day rather than 3, on the rationale that they're full 8.5" x 11" college ruled, and my writing is narrow. Often it's just whatever it takes to fill the space: vulgar nonsense rhymes and free-association.