A phrase made popular among NASA programmers at JSC by the late Erik Geisler. Bad mojo is a mystical quantity, similar to bad karma, that inhabits otherwise good code. May refer to a bug by the author, or to a situation the code wasn't intended to handle. The latter situation may be dealt with by setting errno to EBADMOJO and returning -1.

A fun computer game, the first to initiate my P100 into service. You, being cursed, scurry about as a cockroach, trying to return to your human form before spiders, other cockroaches, rats, people, or natural disasters kill you. You can't really fight, and you can't really run, but if you find something, you can push it, maybe, if you're lucky. It was fun anyhow. This shouldn't be under idea, but now I'm too lazy to figure out how to get to bad mojo (thing).

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