The F train is one of the coolest subway line in the whole damn city. I know, for months I lived (alas, no longer live) less than a block off of 173rd St. and Hillside Ave. in Jamaica, Queens, and right near the first stop on the F train. The F train will take you through cool places like Jamaica, Greenwich Village, and Soho.

The way I see it, the F train is a line over which you can divide humanity. Yesterday I wore a T shirt with the F train symbol on it and a caption below that read "Brooklyn to Queens". And my high school principal freaked out that I was walking around with a big "F" (as in fuck) on my chest and she made me button the shirt I was wearing on top. This is as opposed to a horse rancher I met on a bench one night in Safed, Israel, who told me he was from Holliswood, Queens, and sure, the F train was his lifeline to Washington Square Park, too.

In Ani Difranco's song Cradle and All she says:

The F train is full of teenagers
So much noise, so much laughter
Last night's underwear in my back pocket
Sure sign of the morning after

UPDATE: I have discovered something wonderous- the Van Wyck Blvd/Main Street station on the F train is painted in the E2 jukka theme color scheme.