Located at 407 Court Street in the lovely Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY - Me and My Egg Roll wins the prize for the "Wittiest Name for a Mediocre Chinese Restaurant" contest.

And mediocre it certainly is - although I had great hopes for it, being an actual sit-down restaurant and all instead of the ubiquitous 24 hour pick-a-number: it's all the same, sorta fair you see all over the rest of the city.

But it's not. Upsides: Me and My Egg Roll has excellent spring rolls and very tasty fried rice. Not that either of those menu items are all that hard... I'm sure it's just a question of buying the right frozen spring rolls and not spitting into the rice... But nonetheless, they're still the best around these parts for those items.

What to avoid if you ever find yourself in Carroll Gardens and thinking to yourself, "Damn that's a clever name for a mediocre Chinese restaurant": any of their soups, and of their noodle dishes, and their Moo Shu - it tastes like warmed over death.

And since I rate Chinese restaurants on their Moo Shu, that about does it for me.

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