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Preserved egg may look horrible to some, but they taste great, especially in Chinese porridge (congee) and here. The lotus and egg make a great combination. Really, go and try it.

Case Ingredients

Stuffing Cooking
  1. Sieve flour, place 160 g. on the tabletop, make a depression in the centre, put water and one third of lard in, poke the flour around slowly into the depression and knead well gently into soft dough so as to make a watery skin.
  2. Knead the remaining flour with lard into dough so as to make a lardy skin.
  3. Knead both of the watery and lardy skins into long rods, cut them seperately into 16 equal portions. Press each watery skin portion flat, wrap a lardy skin portion in, pinch the edges tight, roll the pair long and roll it in. Place it transversely, roll it long again and roll it up,rolling it up twice in total. Press the pair flat into an oval shape.
  4. Cut each preserved egg into 8 pieces, put a slice of preserved ginger beside, wrap them in mashed lotus seeds, put the stuffing in each oval case, fold both sides up to pinch them together, place the pies in a baking pan padded withpaper, apply egg juice over them and bake them in a pre-heated oven for 1/2 hour.
  5. Serve it up.

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