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Tart and Pie Recipes is part of the Cookery catalogue. It indexes tart and pie recipes on Everything2, arranged alphabetically, subdivided into "savoury" and "sweet".

This category is collaboratively maintained by all noders (level 2 and above).

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1 Cauliflower Pie (thing) Sylvar writeup
2 Chicken Pot Pie   e2node
3 Hot Raised Pies of Larks (thing) LordOmar writeup
4 Hottentot Pie (thing) LordOmar writeup
5 impossible bacon pie (thing) novasoy writeup
6 Kashkaval Cheese Tart (thing) yehudas writeup
7 Käsewähe (thing) dduane2 writeup
8 Lazy Shepherds Pie (thing) Sabbatangel writeup
9 Pork pie (thing) sui writeup
10 Preserved Egg Pies (thing) DMan writeup
11 Quiche Recipes   category
12 Raised Ham Pie (thing) LordOmar writeup
13 Shepherd's pie (recipe) iain writeup
14 Shepherd's pie (recipe) bete_noire writeup
15 Shepherd's pie (recipe) nvtahuti writeup
16 spanakopita (thing) anthropod writeup
17 Spinach Tofu Pie (thing) discofever writeup
18 Steak and kidney pie (recipe) iain writeup
19 Sweetbread Pie (thing) LordOmar writeup
20 Tamale pie (thing) Canned Yams writeup
21 Tamale pie (idea) anthropod writeup
22 Veal and Ham Pie (thing) LordOmar writeup
23 Venison Pie a l'Americaine (thing) LordOmar writeup
24 Latticed mushroom tart (recipe) lizardinlaw writeup