A solo album by David Usher, lead singer of the popular Canadian band Moist.

  1. Trickster
  2. St. Lawrence River
  3. Jesus Was My Girl
  4. Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful
  5. Forestfire
  6. Babyskin Tattoo
  7. F Train
  8. Million
  9. Final Thoughts and the Last Day on Earth
  10. Mood Song

Copyright 1998 EMI Music Canada.

Though Moist is definitely a rock band, Little Songs is more of a folk album. The songs are mostly David and his acoustic guitar, with just the right amount of electric guitar and samples mixed in to give it what some critics describe as a "pre-millenial tension" feel. Most of the CD was recorded on a simple mixing board in David Usher's kitchen in his Montreal home. Some of the songs refer to the city of Montreal, particularily St. Lawrence River, where the river becomes a symbol of loss. Those who have seen the fast flowing river may understand the sentiment.

This is an unbelievably dark album, full of bottled tension and rage. There's an undercurrent of loss and fear to the whole thing, an unbelievable bleakness and loneliness. Listen to it when you hate the world and everyone in it as the narrator feels the same way. Use as catharsis. Go to bed crying and wake up anew.

David Usher's next album was called Morning Orbit and was a lot more positive.

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