Quality Vegetarian/Vegan/Kosher restaurant located in the East Village of New York City at 405 E. 6th Street (~6th Street & 1st Ave). The have a nice, but tight, little outdoor seating section in the front that gives it a streetside cafe sorta feel. In addition there is a relatively large dinning room where there is sometimes live music and a backroom where mysterious people gather to discuss all sorts of shady political topics like Animal Rights Now! and Milk Rots Bones!.

Unlike a number of restaurants of its ilk, Caravan of Dreams serves alcohol in the form of organic beers and wines.

For those who need to know: there are many train possibilities that will get you near enough to the Caravan to put your feet in motion. Try one of these: the L Train to 14th Street and 1st Avenue, the F Train to Houston Street and 2nd Avenue or the 6 Train to Astor Place. None of these is more than a 10 minute walk away.

Also: This will be the location of the up and coming NYC e2 gathering on Sunday, September 17th at 1pm. Reservations are under the name of Andy Small (that's me).

Past Tense: In the end, I don't think anyone even needed to ask for the reservations. We were an obvious bunch. Phyllis Stein was waiting in the wings when I arrived. Lith looked suspicious as a possible second. Everyone else just fell into place.

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