An Acid Dream
(You'll see what I mean.)

I entered my room. Something was weird about it, the atmosphere was all hippie-ish and smoky. It took me a few minutes to notice that someone had decorated it for me, as a gesture of affection or perhaps love. The room was dark, and there were beads and tapestries hanging. There were two beds, at right angles to each other.

I was very tired. Every motion was difficult.

I crawled onto the second bed, the one I wouldn't sleep on. I pulled the blanket up and underneath it, on the pillow, was a gifts: A plastic bottle of water, and three tabs of acid in a wide white porcelain spoon.

The spoon was a longer version of the kind used for soup in Japanese resteraunts.

I was very excited by the thought that I could sell some of the acid, as well as taking the rest of it myself, and that way earn some money.

The bottle of water was really just for drinking to wash down the acid. I was confused as to its function though. I tipped the spoon over the mouth of the bottle. I must have intended to drop only one of the tabs of acid into the water, but instead all three dropped in. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if the tabs wouldn't degenerate in the water or if I'd have to drink all of the solution right away.

I went across the hall, into the kitchen. There were a bunch of people there, assembled, sitting on chairs, perhaps listening to a speaker, although I didn't see who. Some of the people were old and far- gray women and bald men- but most were college students. P., a really hot guy with long beautiful hair, was there. I kneeled next to him to say hello, the two of up spoke in whispers so as not to disturb what was going on. P. told me that I didn't have to be there. Then I noticed that he had gotten a buzzcut. I was stunned and horrified. I told him that I lived right around the hall and he should come by.

Then I went back to my room.

I took a tiny sip of the water, now with acid dissolved in it. It was slightly sweet. Everything slowed down and got heavy.

I got my friend G. I wanted her to advise me in my dillema. She told me to dilute the acid in water because as it was the solution was so strong. But the bottle was filed up to the top, so it needed to be emptied a bit before it could be diluted. So G. drank a few gulps.

She started ranting and raving pretty much right away.

I was in the bathroom with her, trying to pour water into the bottle, but i kept spilling and splattering. I came really close to splattering water on a girl in a nightgown standing to my left. I tried to apologize, to explain that I was always a klutz. My words were slurred, but she was forgiving.

G. ran out of the bathroom. The girl in the nightgown called after her, asking if she's be around later. G. yelled out that was wanted to be alone in her room. I tried to apologize on G.'s behalf but the words wouldn't come.

All the time it was early in the morning, perhaps 8 am. I was thinking about wherher I would go to class and then work. I wondered if I could do intricate molecular biology work in the state that I was in, when all I wanted to do was lock myself in my room and let the hallucinations come.

I wondered when the hallucinations would come.

I was walking down the hallway to my room. I saw a sign on the wall outside of a resident advisor's room advertizing the fact that he gave haircuts. Ah, I thought, that's why all the boys in this hall have recently gotten buzzcuts. Then I saw A., or rather a boy who was walking around with A.'s head on his shoulders. He came up the stairs. i said hello, but when he responded I said, "Stop talking to me, You're acting weild!". I mean to say "weird", of course. He laughed at me and walked away.