Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic and clairvoyant, once said that there existed a chamber called the Hall Of Records beneath the Great Sphinx at Giza, Egypt, the entrance to which was to be found in its right shoulder. The Hall Of Records, he said, contains detailed records of the lost history of the human race, including the destruction of Atlantis; it also contains the secrets of the technology which has been lost to humanity since ancient times, including the secrets of the construction of the pyramids.

Cayce said that the Hall Of Records would be discovered between 1999 and 2001, when the head and right shoulder of the Sphinx would crumble to reveal a time capsule or entrance. It so happens that the authorities have been working very hard for a while to prevent the head and right shoulder from crumbling over the last few decades, which many people take as evidence that Cayce was correct - however, there is as yet no evidence for the idea that there is something concealed within the Sphinx itself. There are three known passageways into the Sphinx - two of them lead to dead ends, and one that was photographed in 1926, but has since been covered up by brickwork during restoration work.

Cayce said that the Sphinx was built in 12,500 B.C. Current archaeological theory holds that it is much younger (2500 B.C.), but there is a substantial body of conflicting evidence which has not been explained, much of which has been gathered by Graham Hancock in his book Fingerprints of the Gods. If it were found that the sphinx were indeed as old as Cayce said it was, then that would be sufficient reason of itself for further investigation of his prediction of the existence of the Hall Of Records, but the matter is shrouded in doubt and controversy which shows no sign of abating.

The late Dr. Khalil Messiha was obsessed with finding the Hall Of Records, and devoted many years to his search, trying many different instruments and methods in an attempt to locate cavities or objects within and below the Sphinx. He claimed to have established the existence of:

  • Statues beneath the Sphinx's hands
  • A sarcophagus beneath the Sphinx's body
  • Several cavities or rooms
  • The Hall Of Records itself

Dr. Messiha claimed to have found the Hall Of Records in 1986, but for some reason he said that the world would not be able to open it until the year 2000. He claimed to be the 'opener of the way' to the Hall, but died in 1998.

There is a lot of writing on the Internet about the Hall Of Records, most of which is highly suspect and unobjective. Most people who are interested in its existence seem to be crackpots who claim special, inside knowledge of the Hall's contents, or paranoid conspiracy theorists who believe that 'the powers that be' are aware of the Hall's existence but are covering it up out of their evil desire to halt the evolution of the human race. The more rational investigators tend to get tarred with the same brush, which is why Graham Hancock often gets accused of being a 'crank', despite his almost fanatical devotion to factual research and scientific plausibility.

Dr Messiha's research has since been confirmed by a Japanese team. The results of their investigation (see links below for the full report) were that there were indeed several different cavities and passageways in the area below the sphinx, which may be connected. Some of these cavities are geometric, which indicates that they are almost certainly man-made. While this does not yet constitute evidence for the existence of the Hall Of Records, or its fabled secrets, it certainly gives food for thought, considering that when Cayce made his predictions in the 1940's there was no way for him to have known about these chambers.

Those who follow Cayce's predictions have been waiting with bated breath for the Sphinx to crumble and the Hall to be revealed, some of them expecting nothing less than the revelation of five and a half million years of lost human history on Earth, and the technology to bring about a Golden Age. What, if anything, is actually down there, remains to be seen.

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