I am one of you,
I have appeared as a vulture.
My face is a falcon,
The top of my head is Re.
My eyes are Two Women, the Two Sisters,
My nose is the Horus of the Netherworld.
My mouth is the Sovreign of the West,
My throat is Nun.
My two arms are the Embracing One,
My fingers are the Graspers.
My breast is Khepri,
My heart is Horus-Sunen.
My liver is the the Living One,
My spleen is the One with the Beak.
My stomach is the Opening One,
My entrails are the One with the Secret Essence.
My back is the Weary of Heart,
My spine is the One on the bier.
My ribs are Horus and Thoth,
My anus is the Great Flood.
My phallus is Tatenen,
My glans is the Protected One in Old Cairo.
My testicles are the Two Hidden Ones,
My thighs are the two Goddesses.
My calves are the Two Shining Ones,
My feet are the One Who Passes Through Mysteries,
My toes are cobra snakes.
My limbs are gods,
I am entirely a god,
No limb of mine is without god.
I enter as a god,
And I exit as a god,
The gods have transformed themselves into my body...

The above is called The Litany of Re. Dating from the Pharonic period of Egyptian history, the actual association with each body part with a god is not important - but the indication of the formation of the body, done in stages is important. Support for this comes from the various different versions of this found in history, using different gods. However, the overall point of physical integrity, and formation of the body remains important, and a constant over several thousand years of use.

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