I dig a hole in the sand in the shape of a tower. It has three levels, successively decreasing in size, with the smallest being near the surface. There is an even smaller grate at the top through which sunlight can be seen. I huddle at the very bottom with some companions in fear of a nuclear war. There is a nuclear explosion outside. We wait until it is over and venture outside.

I walk through the streets of the city when suddenly armed thugs start rampaging through it, randomly attacking people. Everyone rushes indoors. I manage to get in just as a door is shutting; then in to an inner room, higher up, right as they shut the last door. There are lots of people huddled inside, frightened. I catch glimpses through the windows of the marauders outside. I ask the people around me whether they have weapons we can defend ourselves with when I realize I have two knives which I proceed to take out and unfold. There is a woman there who observes me intently. The marauders end their violence and we venture out.

I am levitating over a line of people in a street fair. It takes great effort to do so. Any slackening of will causes me to descend. I do not want to touch the ground. I encounter another levitator floating the other way. He wears a black cloak made of shiny, flimsy material and carries a cane. He can barely get off the ground. He is only a child. I levitate much higher than he. He takes my hand in a gesture of submission, and I proceed.

I then encounter a man in a black robe made of a coarser, more sinister material. He says I must pass the test of the spider. He places a grey, thin, long-legged spider on me that walks the outline of my body and stings me.

I ask the spider man if his spider was poisonous and if the venom is deadly. He evades my question saying that this is a sacred spider and this is a great test and so forth. He won't give me a straight answer. So I grab him by his cloak, which is now a more ambiguous, less sinister, brownish color and levitate over to the police.

I tell the police what happened and ask them what they know about the spider man. I expect that he is harmless and indeed there are no reports of people in contact with him dying of spider bites.

I wake.

NOTE: Follow the hardlinks for possible symbol interpretations.

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